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Shadcat is a company based in Wheeling, West Virginia so we know exactly how to help local realtors and real estate agents. We create individualized real estate marketing strategies that showcase your local properties and make them marketable to your target audience.

Why Wheeling, West Virginia

Our founder, George Kellas, has good reasons for choosing Wheeling, WV as the location of our company. It is his hometown, after all, so he knows what to do to make an impact on the local community.

More importantly, George is keen on making Wheeling marketable because he realizes the town’s potential. It has deep historical roots, strong community ties, and a warm atmosphere that immediately wins people over. For this reason, George assembled our team to provide services that put Wheeling on the map and effectively market local real estate.

So, you don’t have to look elsewhere for a company that creates effective marketing strategies for your real estate agency and available properties. We generate campaigns and strategies that make our town marketable.

We Create Marketing Strategies Especially for You

Shadcat goes beyond typical marketing strategies for realtors and real estate agents. We offer video production, house photography, web development and design, and social media management services for real estate agencies in general, but we also create property-specific marketing strategies.

You don’t have to worry about trying to fit into a marketing strategy mold because our team adjusts to your needs. We launch a campaign based on what you need, whether it is overall marketing for your brand or for a specific real estate property.

Moreover, we are successful in what we do for you because we combine different aspects of marketing to match your agency’s needs. We can, for example, use drone photos and videos to showcase properties and utilize PPC campaigns to boost them. Our team can integrate these with other aspects of marketing such as social media to boost overall brand presence.

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