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Make Your Dining Establishment More Appealing

Shadcat is a modern, creative, and transparent company that works with clients from various industries. So, you can rely on our food marketing team to generate effective campaigns for your restaurant or bar. We turn your establishment into a well-crafted brand that catches the attention of potential customers and turns them into loyal patrons.

Our Strategies Appeal to Your Customers

Our team helps restaurants and bars capture the attention of their target market. We are confident that we can contribute to the success of food businesses because our restaurant and bar marketing strategies play on the senses to entice potential customers.

We have been in the business long enough to know that marketing in the food industry is very experiential in nature, now more than ever. For your restaurant or business to succeed, you need a meticulously crafted public image that generates buzz – and stimulates appetites. As such, our team combines social media, video production, food photography, and website design services to catch your target market’s attention.

For example, we offer special photography to capture the best image of the food and beverages you offer. We can then add these photos to your website and include them on social media posts that invite people to visit your establishment. As a result, we build a strong online presence by showcasing your brand in the most visually appealing — and appetizing — sense.

Our Team Knows What We’re Doing

The Shadcat team has worked with various dining establishments. Our local clients in Wheeling include Coleman’s Fish, Later Alligator, and Vagabond Kitchen. We have also provided marketing strategies for other establishments such as Buckeye Donuts (Columbus, OH), La Taqueria (San Francisco, CA), Monell’s (Nashville, TN), Original Oyster House (Mobile, AL), and Philippe’s (Los Angeles, CA).

Our experience with these bars and restaurants has helped us realize what dining establishments are looking for in a food marketing campaign. It has also helped us realize what factors encourage loyalty in restaurant and bar patrons.

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