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We Put Your Tourist Destination on the Map

“How do you make a previously unknown place visible on the map?”

“How do you promote tourism and make it sustainable?”

“How do you make people come to you?”

Shadcat is passionate about tourism and has spent a considerable amount of time marketing a variety of US tourism destinations to the point where these questions are second nature to answer. We create an individualized marketing strategy that will make people want to visit your tourist attraction or cultural center.

We Want To Make You Marketable

The Shadcat team, under the leadership of our founder George Kellas, is on a mission to “Make Wheeling Marketable.” We do this through comprehensive travel marketing campaigns that showcase the best of Wheeling, West Virginia.

Our company doesn’t limit itself to local tourism, though. We want to make your tourist destination marketable, wherever it may be. So, we create effective marketing strategies regardless of the location of your attraction or cultural center.

Our tourist destination marketing team has a number of ways to get people interested in your destination. These ways include social media management, video production and photography, and website design and development.

We handle your social media accounts to make sure they serve as engaging platforms for your target audience. We produce videos and take photos that make your location look its best. And, most importantly, we provide fresh web design to make your tourist destination website enticing to the people who want to visit.

We Have Tried-and-Tested Strategies

Shadcat has worked with various local attractions and cultural centers including the Centre Market in downtown Wheeling. We have also created marketing strategies for tourist locations around the country including the City of Gulf Shores in Alabama and Historic Saint Andrew’s in Panama City, Florida.

Given these examples, you don’t have to think twice about our tourist destination strategies. We know exactly what to do to showcase your location and put it on the map.

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