Video Production

View Your Brand from the Best Possible Angle

Shadcat’s founder, George Kellas, has a background in cinematography and has been creating and producing videos since long before he put up our company. Thus, he understands first hand the positive impact a well-made video bears upon your business and brand image.

Video production is increasingly important in marketing campaigns. Video increases exposure on social media posts, websites, and online video advertisements. When done right, it makes your brand more interactive with clients or potential customers. It also puts you in the best possible light, thus encouraging your target audience to interact with you or explore your products and services.

As such, our company features high-quality video content creation services that give your brand the boost it needs. We offer web video content production, drone video production, and photography services that you need for effective commercial production.

Web Video Content Production

The first on our list of video creation services is web video content production. It includes short marketing videos that show on your website to make it more engaging to site visitors. These videos capture your brand’s personality and convey the message that you want potential customers to know.
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Drone Video Production

Our team stays updated with the latest video-related trends, so we are aware of the increasing popularity of drone video. We also understand that it shows your business in a new angle — literally. For this reason, we offer high-quality outdoor and indoor drone video production.
On a related note, our FAA Part 107 certification proves that we have the license to operate drones. We can skillfully maneuver our way to create videos that capture the best visual angles of your business.
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Finally, we offer photography services to liven up your business website, social media platforms, print materials, and online advertisements. Our team captures the essence of your business, facilities, and products to win over your target audience.
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Captured for Results

Our videos become a marketing asset for your current and future strategies. Optimized for return, Shadcat suggested creating content that will be relevant in the long term for continued use and continued engagement.

Telling Your Story

Shadcat tells your story. True to your brand, we will uncover and tell interesting stories that help to build a connection between your audience and message to increase interaction on your website and social media channels.

A Crystal Clear Vision

Shadcat uses all state of the art technology to capture shots that shine true to you and your business. All of our photos and videos are captured in HD quality to present a clear picture anywhere on the web.

Flexible Problem Solving

Videos are more than just short eye catching videos. They can be used to solve problems, streamline processes, pass on a message, give instructions, tutorials, and even share best practices with your client or customer. With this in mind, Shadcat builds videos into your strategy to facilitate information at the right place at the right time.

Brands We've Served

Shadcat is proud to play a role in the success of marketing campaigns for a variety of businesses including The City of Wheeling, WTOV9, Weelunk, and The Vagabond Kitchen.

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