Drone Video Production

Showcase Your Brand in an Entirely Different Angle

Video production is an increasingly relevant part of business and online marketing. More companies are using videos to entice the target audience and educate them about the brand or the brand’s offered products services. There are different ways to produce videos for websites, though, and one of these ways is drone videography.

Drone video production captures your business in a new angle — literally. It is especially useful for industries such as real estate which deal with showing off buildings and large outdoor landscapes. Our services, however, are available for both outdoor and indoor aerial video production. We also offer aerial photography.

Show Your Business in a New Angle

Drone videography is useful for industries such as real estate. For example, it allows for the production of real estate drone videos that showcase every corner of the real estate properties that a realtor offers to its target market. It is especially useful if you want to show your business — or your products and services — in a fresh and more comprehensive angle.

Our drone video and photography services capture both outdoor and indoor aerial views, thus showing your business in an entirely new angle. With our team, you can figure out the best way to feature your brand in an aerial video that captivates your target audience.

Trust in Our Team’s Capabilities

Some might assume that drone videography is easy. They do not realize that aerial video production and photography may require specific types of certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our lead cinematographer George Kellas, holds an FAA Part 107 certification for commercial drone operations.

The FAA finalized the framework of the drone certification process in 2016. It covers low-risk commercial operations such as our drone services, so you can trust in our team’s capability to produce great aerial videos for you.

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